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Wander In Vacations

How We Travel


Whenever we travel or whichever place we travel, there is always a reason behind that. Whether it’s about going for relaxation i.e. escaping from daily life or to discover new places.

There can be numerous numbers of reason, but we have narrowed it to five.


We Travel to Escape

Travel gives us adventure and excitement. when we get to a new space or environment, we are fascinated by all the Nobel things around us. Which help us in forgetting humdrum of our daily lives.


 We Travel to Learn

Whether its learning about an area’s history or a new language, travel allows us to learn so many different things. Travel educates us in diverse cultures and ways of life.

We learn about how our lives are twined and how we can impact one another. We travel to grasp all that we can in the world.


We Travel to Discover

Travel allows us to discover, whether it’s a monument, site or a new found favorite dish. We travel not only to see more of the world or people in it, but we also travel to discover more about our self in the process.

Through the experience and challenges we get, we discover our strength, limitations and our potential.


We Travel to make New Friends

When you Travel, you meet people from diverse culture, background and experience. And every single one of them has at least 10% potential to play an important role in your life. Whether that is new friend or your soul mate.


We Travel to Experience

We feel like this last reason is an all-encompassing one. When we travel, we travel to experience all we can, and all world can offer. We can experience from different culture to the dishes that are unique to certain area.

We can experience how it feels to talk in gestures, when we don’t know the language. We can realize how life in other places is not much different from our own lives back home.

Experiences help us in bringing meaning to our lives. They both shape and define us.