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Wander In Vacations

Why Wander In


Why Wander In


We Believe in us

We are set of travel professionals, who have lot experience in traveling too. So, we understand the problems a travel can face in any destination.And keeping everything in mind, we customize your trip. So that there will be no compromise in your experience.

We believe that travel is one of the most important part of our life, because when we travel, we create memories. And we are here to help you in creating your awesome memories.

The Best of Every Destination

Everywhere we travel, we bring a special wilderness travel style. In Andaman, we are welcomed as family and we can arrange from romantic beach side candle light dinner with your loved ones to Scuba diving in Crystal clear water. In Sri Lanka, we can arrange from Dolphin watch to a lovely time with your family on serene beach. In Himalayas, we can arrange from treks to luxurious stay.


Personal Service

From Your first phone call, we will show you why we consider us best. Our destination specialist will your single point of contact throughout your experience of planning and preparing your journey. They will handle all your trip details, providing specifics about everything you will need, from appropriate clothing to things you need to carry.


Our Local Partners

We have our local Partners for each destination, who will handle all your travel when you are in that destination. But your point of contact will be your Destination expert. We only cater those destination, where we have local base. Because we can’t compromise on our traveler’s experience.


Find your Dream Trip

 We offer an array of travel experiences and can help find the perfect adventure for you. If you have always fascinated by elephants, join us to Sri Lanka to see great heard. Do you love high mountain vistas? then join us to Spiti.

Browse our Website by destination, month and experience. Then give us a call or drop your requirements – We offer the dream trip you have been searching for.